1730097The Goal

To depart with a pure soul



The Path

aviation-administration1. Keep death in mind at all times.  Remember you are in the departure lounge.




Extended happy family standing in the park.2. It’s not the length of our stay on this earth, but the quality of our stay that counts.



Shake hands

3. Keep your word and do not break your promises

The Indian saying goes, ‘praan jaaye par vachan na jaaye’.  It means we can lose our life but not our word.


shutterstock_973198374. Grief is a gateway to enlightenment.  It brings detachment – a prerequisite to the evolution of the soul.



money-to-burn5. Even though money is required to lead our lives, however, excess money can lead to multiple problems and even can malign the soul.

“Money buys things that look like happiness, but the real path stretches away from money.”

“Whatever happens to us after we die, one thing is certain: the money stays behind.”

USA-Benicia-Saint_Dominic's_Cemetery-Nuns_Graves-26. Death is a great equalizer.

“All our experiences – all the love we’ve felt, money we’ve sought, our belongings, cars, watches and whatever else – are left and here we are, three kilograms of dust.”

“It’s a sobering thought to realise that, in the end, the greatest poet, the cruelest dictator, the most beautiful woman, will all be reduced to little piles of dust.”

Picture2 7. Live in gratitude – not in bitterness.

The Thankful Heart opens our eyes to a multitude of Blessings that continually surround us



8. What you have will be left behind but what you give will go along with you.





9. The Soul is immortal – the only  permanent factor that we have.  Therefore, it is extremely important to keep it pure  – the ultimate Goal of our life.


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